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Taylor Lintelman ... Got the Part

Taylor Lintelman ... Got the Part
Sometimes it can take years to land that first great role. But for Back Stage reader Taylor Lintelman, success came almost right out of the gate. New Hampshire native Lintelman still had two weeks before her American Musical and Dramatic Academy graduation when she landed the role of Sadie, the female lead in "Tombstone: The Legend of Wyatt Earp," a new musical premiering at the Midtown International Theatre Festival in New York City.

Lintelman had read about the auditions on She attended the first round of auditions at Nola Studios, and because the breakdown called for a performer who played guitar, "I figured why not bring that in, 'cause then I'd have a shot at more than one thing," she says.

Playing guitar also helped calm her nerves. "I think it helped me relax a little bit more," she says, "because it was like, 'Here's two things I think I can do pretty well,' so if I put them together, maybe it'll create something else. But it was the first time I'd ever had a guitar audition, so it was really a big risk for me."

Brandon Wood, the musical's writer and Lintelman's co-star, says, "She came across to us as an actress who was having fun, even before she said a word. She obviously put the work into her audition, but just as important was the fact that she was able to let her homework go and be 100 percent present while performing."

Within a week, Lintelman was emailed sides for a callback. Wood recalls, "Taylor was the only person who requested information on the ‘moment before' the scene ... Her reading of the selected sides was so layered, and the distinct character choices she made shined through."
Just two hours after her callback, Lintelman was awarded the role. She recalls tearing up when she got the call. "I feel so blessed to be originating a lead in a new musical as my first job out of school," she says.

Wood says Lintelman was cast because she takes direction and thinks outside the box: "She is a very talented young actress with such an eagerness to get up and try something out. She's genuine, insightful, and a person you want to be around."

Sadie, the character Lintelman is portraying, is an actual historical figure. So Lintelman says, "I feel there's a lot more pressure because I don't want to misrepresent her for who she was, as a real person. So I'm doing continuous research because I want to do her justice. She was pretty cool; she was a badass!"

Lintelman is keeping an eye out for that next gig while concentrating on her "Tombstone" rehearsals. "I want to do it all, and with everything I've got," she says. "Basketball coach John Wooden said ‘Be prepared and be honest.' Those are the things I can control."
"Tombstone: The Legend of Wyatt Earp" runs July 21-Aug. 2 as part of NYC's Midtown International Theatre Festival.

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