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Turning a Corner as a Writer and an Actor

Turning a Corner as a Writer and an Actor

The last few months have been pretty awesome.

I got married and had a great run in the NYC Fringe, and now I have turned a corner with my writing. For the first time in my life I have received money in exchange for my words. The corner I turned doesn’t necessarily have to do with the getting-paid part, but allow me to elaborate.

My solo play “From Busk Till Dawn” was published on as part of the “Best of Fringe 2012” collection, and I actually get residuals when someone buys it. I’ve been hired to do various writing odd jobs, and while they don’t pay the rent, they have paid the electric bill. I am also penning the script for a new show about bourbon and country music (two things I enjoy very much) that will hopefully tour the country. But the big thing isn’t the work per se, or even the opportunities, it is something immeasurable: (self-) validation.

I have reached that point where I can proudly say, “I am a writer.” Not because I got paid but because I have validated myself. Would I have validated myself without the good reviews of my show or the “Best Of” stamp? I don’t know. But I do know this: I’m in.

I’m not saying I’m Shakespeare and have nothing else to learn—far from it. But just like I won’t wake up one day and suddenly forget how to act, the same can be said for my writing. Sure, I’ll go through periods where there’s little or no work, or I get the dreaded writer’s block, which I think is more of a detour to help mix up the routine. But the odds are pretty good I’m going to continue improving as a writer. Maybe I’m taking my own advice when a few months ago I talked about giving permission to call yourself an artist—better late than never. Do you need to validate yourself? What’s the holdup?

Tim Intravia is a Brooklyn-based writer and actor. He has appeared Off-Broadway and in his award-winning solo show and plays Steve on the web series “Parker and Steve.” Check out and follow him @timintravia.

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