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Do You Believe in Having a Plan B?

"Plan B in the movies is when you expect the helicopter to arrive and it doesn't, so you resort to shooting your way out, guns blazin'. In reality, however, having a second plan is no fun. It means you plan on screwing up and resorting to your second choice. If you have a fallback plan, then you'll fall back on it. If you believe in yourself, then rise to the challenge. Be creative. Put your energy toward achieving greatness—it will pay off. Plan A: Be an amazing entertainer! Like my good friend Jewel said, "If you really want to rebel, succeed!"

Adam Richmond, Los Angeles

"When I came to New York I had one plan: to get my Equity card. Back then, two years of apprenticeship at an Equity theater would get you a card. After two summers of stock, I joined the union. But getting work proved to be difficult. Plan B: Establish myself with a theater and do my own plays. But with a new baby, plan B gave way to 20 years in the work force. When I retired, I returned to acting. This November I will be acting in a play that my company is producing. My only plan: Never give up the dream. Make it happen!"

Gina Stahlnecker, New York

"Being the eternal optimist you have to be in this industry, I deliberately do not have a plan B. Having only one plan drives me. Also, since acting is the only thing I have ever wanted, having no alternative plan keeps me focused, motivated, ambitious, and hungry. It makes me work smarter, because acting is my only option. If you set yourself up by always thinking, Well, I can always do 'blank,' then that enables you to skip those mailings, skip class, and skip that networking event. After all, there is always plan B."

Maggie Grant, Hollywood

"Life is all about plan Bs. Good ol' B. We love it because it spares us the pain of feeling like a failure. Having a plan B, you increase your odds of success, thereby improving your odds of feeling good about yourself and your artistic life. The way it works is this: You always have two dishes spinning. If A stops spinning, then you give B a chance. Always work it at different angles. You never know where your first big break will come from. So just let it B."

Grace Fraga, New Orleans

"I do not believe in having a plan B. My feeling is that a plan B is just a way out, a distraction or excuse for not fully committing to plan A. I believe that by following your dream completely and committing to it, you will be led to exactly what you are supposed to do. And if there is an appropriate plan B, it will be revealed to you through consistent bold action toward your dream. To me, starting with a plan B sends a message that you do not completely believe in yourself or trust your life."

Calle Morgan, Los Angeles

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