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    Give Us Our

    Give Us Our Rights

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    In our March 14 listing of personal managers, we left out the fact that American Talent Management is a member of the National Conference of Personal Managers.

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    Out of the Loop?

    New Federal Theatre was overlooked when Mayor Michael Bloomberg made an anonymous gift of $10 million to 162 New York City cultural institutions in Feb. 2003 via the Carnegie Foundation ("Bloomberg Gives $10M to NYC Arts," Back Stage, Feb. 21).

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    It's About Times

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    Criticizing Anti-War Artists

    New York theatre groups banding together to protest a war against Iraq will only result in their self-righteously preaching to the converted, in a city that is already predominantly liberal and Bush-hating. It also sends a clear, chilly message to those who support President Bush's efforts that their views ...

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    Creative Dissent

    In response to Rob Kendt's column, The Wicked Stage & The Gag Reel (BSW, 2/13/03): The Lysistrata Project—the first global act of theatrical dissent—has mobilized theatre artists within Los Angeles and through out the world, with 528 readings in 36 countries to date, and afforded us ...

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    Pro Consolidation

    I think SAG and AFTRA's consolidation into a new umbrella union would be a very equitable way for artists and labor to present a strong bargaining position to the corporate distributors. That's how I see it—there are artists and labor who create the product that is then ...

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    Gag Me

    I was so disappointed with Rob Kendt's mean-spirited column The Wicked Stage/ The Gag Reel [BSW, 1/30/03]. First of all, his assessment of The Hours was off base and downright nasty. I thought it interesting that he was so critical of the women in the film but ...

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    A Playwright's Dilemma

    Recently I was reminded of the excellent Back Stage article ["Understanding the Playwright-Director Relationship," by Michael Lazan, April 19] after a director rebuked me for not rewriting my one-act play as he had told me I should. The cast was present for the first rehearsal and he informed me, as ...

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    MAC Responds

    I would like to clarify a few points made by David Finkle in the Oct. 4 "Bistro Bits" column reporting on the MAC (Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs) annual membership meeting.