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    The Comedy and Drama of Emmy Categorization

    It's often a debate where to place a series in the Emmy categories. Sometimes, Emmy voters can look past the category and judge the performance not just by the amount of laughs or tears it elicits.

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    It Takes a Village to Satisfy a Comedian

    It is a lot easier to make a room full of 500 people laugh than it is to make a handful of people, even if they are your friends, laugh.

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    The Tony Awards Take Over

    The 2010-11 Broadway season has been one of the busiest and most diverse in recent memory. This year Back Stage celebrates this amazing season with one of our biggest Tony Awards Spotlights ever.

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    Do It Yourself

    This week's issue has the theme of "Do It Yourself." And while actors certainly rely on others to succeed in their profession, there are many ways that actors can take matters into their own hands.

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    Putting a Show Up Against the Odds

    While nonunion talent in Florida is scarce, the overwhelmingly talented and trained actors who make their way to New York are saliva-inducing to a playwright-composer like I am.

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    Wanted: Focus and Chops

    Reprise Theatre Company, which exclusively produces revivals of musicals and frequently chooses rarely produced shows, is opening "Kiss Me, Kate" this week.

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    Make Room for Dance in Your Life

    Dance technique has to be honed. Performance artists need to work at their craft every day. Daily dance class is a habit. Your muscles look forward to the repetition.

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    Combining the Art and Biz of Acting

    The art and the business of acting are often at odds; in order to get work, or even agent representation, one must learn to "sell oneself"—that is, represent oneself as a business.

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    (Hooray for?) Hollywood on Strike!

    In 2007, the WGA  went on strike over new media. The strike was settled, but then the SAG spiraled out of control, unwilling to accept the same terms the writers had but unable to muster a second strike.

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    Readers' Comments

    In response to our April 14 news item headlined "Two Soap Opera Staples Canceled," here is a sampling of reader comments.