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    Focus on Diversity

    I am writing to say how thrilled I am by the coverage Simi Horwitz has given to Latino/a and Arab-American artists this past summer and fall. The work Ms. Horwitz has done has been outstanding and very important in forwarding the public's understanding of diversity. Kudos!!!

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    What Happens When Life Starts to Imitate Art?

    Read an excerpt from “If We Were Villains,” a new novel that explores the magical and dangerous boundary between art and life. In this tale of loyalty and betrayal, madness and ecstasy, the players must choose what roles to play before the curtain falls.

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    Wanted: Focus and Chops

    Reprise Theatre Company, which exclusively produces revivals of musicals and frequently chooses rarely produced shows, is opening "Kiss Me, Kate" this week.

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    Workshop Worries

    I read David Goldyn's letter regarding casting director workshops [Back Stage West, 4/18/02], and I wanted to respond.

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    5 Directors Innovating Shakespeare

    You hear the word “Shakespeare” and can’t help picturing a white man wearing a ruff, making pronouncements in an unbelievably regal accent. In reality, people have been finding new and exciting ways to make Shakespeare’s plays come to life for generations.