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Focus on Diversity

I am writing to say how thrilled I am by the coverage Simi Horwitz has given to Latino/a and Arab-American artists this past summer and fall. The work Ms. Horwitz has done has been outstanding and very important in forwarding the public's understanding of diversity. Kudos!!!

Ms. Horwitz presents us with a broad range of individual artists, each of whom is accomplished in her/his own right, professional, dedicated, articulate, and compassionate. Ms. Horwitz's research has been thorough and her articles enormously informative. I am impressed by the objectivity with which she approaches her material and appreciate the array of personal stories, experiences, and points of view she presents. The effect of this is to break down cultural stereotypes and to advance understanding of the diversity of our humanity at a time when it has never been more important.

You, as editor in chief of Back Stage, and Simi Horwitz are examples to us all of the positive good that each of us can do in these difficult times. Thank you!

Sharon Jensen

Executive Director Non-Traditional Casting Project, Inc.

New York, NY

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