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Here for You

This has been a year like no other we have seen in our lifetimes—that is, unless you were alive during the Great Depression. The economic recession has taken a bite out of everyone’s wallets, but while the media’s attention has mostly focused on big companies’ losses, Back Stage fully understands that the economy affects the average consumer the most.

Whether you or your loved one recently lost a job, got sick (and worse, had no medical insurance), found out that your house is worth less than you owe, paid a visit to your local grocery store, or had the sickening experience of viewing your 401k or IRA statements, you have likely paid a steep price as a result of what’s going on financially in our country. Add to that the fact that the entertainment industry was stalled by the Writers Guild of America’s strike last year and this year’s uncertainty of whether the Screen Actors Guild would follow suit, and actors and those businesses supporting actors have been hit particularly hard.

Still, you persevere, as you must, because acting is more than a job; it’s a calling for many of you. I admire that passion greatly. In my close to 15 years at Back Stage, I have also marveled at how you keep at your goals, despite the obstacles and odds. I think many in this country could learn a lot from actors right now about what it means to spend within your means and stay focused on what matters most.

Back Stage has devoted most of this week’s editorial content to the recession: how it is affecting the performing arts community and concrete tips on getting your financial ducks in order. We are pleased to welcome David R. Colley as a new contributor to Back Stage this week. Colley not only gives sound advice to three actors who recently tracked their monthly expenses; he also wrote this week’s Actors’ Assets on saving for a rainy day. We look forward to his future contributions and hope you find them very helpful.

Above all, I’d like to thank each of you for continuing to read and support Back Stage week after week—or for some of you online, daily. I’d also like to thank our advertisers for sticking by Back Stage, even in such tough times. No matter the state of the economy, there will always be those pursuing acting and those who support those artists. So let’s stick this out together.

Jamie Painter Young
National Editor-in-Chief

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