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How to Survive a Heatwave

How to Survive a Heatwave
It is so, so hot in NYC. I feel like I'm melting into a Lemony-gooey pool of coconut water and gummy bears. It sounds like it could be cute... but it's not cute at all. My barista looked at me like I was crazy this morning when I insisted on a hot americano. Then I felt dizzy after I downed the steaming beverage and stepped into the sun... I walked two blocks and ducked into a corner store to buy and gulp a whole bottle of Smart Water.

I don't have air-conditioning in my bedroom, so I hope my roommates don't mind that I've set up my new bedroom in the living room. I also hope they don't mind that my new favorite spot to sit in my new bedroom is the cozy chair directly in front of the air-conditioner. I'm from Nebraska, which can get as equally hot and steamy (but without the smelly factor of NYC), and I know there are only two ways to escape heat like this: the pool and air-conditioning.


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