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In Defense of Indiana

I was disappointed to see the first portion of Mike Salinas' [July 13] article, "Censorround: Legit Works Hounded Across the U.S.A." I am a New Yorker and have been for several years, with family still in Indiana. It is true that Indiana is a conservative state, no one knows that more than I, having grown up there. However, I hold a dear place in my heart for the good kind people there. Are there some rotten apples in the barrel there? Most certainly. Aren't they everywhere? Mr. Salinas mentions (though I'm not certain why, none of these people or these organizations to my knowledge have anything to do with the current censorship battle over "Corpus Christi") the KKK, Dan Quayle, Dan Burton, eight militia brigades (though I find that number surprisingly small if it is accurate; I would have thought there were even more militias) before getting to the heart of the debate about the censorship battle that is taking place over Terrence McNally's "Corpus Christi."

All of us on the east coast would do well to remember that it is precisely that, "a battle," in which many people in Indiana obviously feel the play should be performed and that its ideas should be presented to the public. Portraying Hoosiers as backward rednecks does little to elevate those of us in New York.

Kent Eiler

New York, NY

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