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Slamming Elia Kazan

I am sickened by the Motion Picture Academy's plan to present an honorary Oscar to Elia Kazan.

Along with being an actress, I am an Aesthetic Realism consultant. I had the privilege to study with Eli Siegel, the founder of Aesthetic Realism, a man most passionate for justice to people. I once heard him say‹and I love him for it‹that if a wrong was done in this world, no matter how long ago, it is still a wrong, and it has to be seen and honestly regretted, sincerely revoked‹not lied about or smoothed over.

If the Academy insists on this award‹and I fervently hope it will not‹I make this proposal: As Mr. Kazan is onstage having accepted his Oscar, he should remain there while the Academy awards an honorary Oscar to the men and women whom Mr. Kazan informed on, betrayed, who were blacklisted, hounded for years, whose careers were ruined, who went to jail, whose lives ended. There will be an award for J. Edward Bromberg; and for Morris Carnovsky and Phoebe Brand‹two persons I knew and worked with‹and others. These honorary Oscars for Mr. Kazan's fellow artists should be presented, with tremendous remorse and dignity, to their next of kin.

If what I propose takes place, it will be rather beautiful, and will do something‹not everything‹to make persons in the film industry, the theatre world, America itself cleaner, and the souls of people all over this country honestly prouder.

Anne Fielding

New York City


Praise for Horwitz'

"Passing the Torch"

I wanted to write after reading the feature article in your Feb. 19 edition entitled "Passing the Torch‹Tales From the Actors' Home" [by Simi Horwitz]. I have been reading your newspaper for nearly 12 years as an actor and I have never read a more beautiful article than this one. We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to listen to these wonderful seniors and their stories of a bygone era. I was heartbroken to learn of Imogene Coca's battle with Alzheimer's Disease, but inspired to hear of actors and actresses who are still appearing onstage well into their 70s and 80s. Please keep these wonderful stories coming. We can learn so very much from them, and I hope others were as touched by this article as I was.

Gary Martin

Washington Heights

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