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SAG/NY's Sucke: Less Really Is Mo'

SAG member Steve Luker's letter (Oct. 30) is inaccurate concerning Extra Player jobs. He claims that since the new contract for motion pictures permits the producer to hire non-professional Extras after hiring 85 union-covered Extras that day, and since the number in the previous contract was 100, the result is "a drop in per film hires of 15%." Not so.

Mr. Luker's analysis only applies if 100 or more Extras are hired to work on the same workday. Since on the vast majority of days the total number of per film Extra hires is less than 30 and all are covered by SAG,

any reduction would be far less than 15%. In fact, by attracting to New York even a few additional films using large numbers of Extras‹an area in which the Guild has been successful‹the result may actually be an increase in the number of per film hires. It certainly has resulted in an increase in the overall total of union-covered Extra Player jobs. "More jobs is more jobs" no matter how you count them.

John H. Sucke

Executive Director

Screen Actors Guild/NY

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