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Readers' Comments

In response to our April 14 news item headlined "Two Soap Opera Staples Canceled," here is a sampling of reader comments:

"I can't believe after all these years, ABC is canceling 'AMC' and 'OLTL.' As an actress and union member, I find it appalling that you're getting rid of these shows and a lot of people will be out of work. I agree with a lot of these people leaving comments, especially with…moving the shows to the SoapNet channel."
—Union Member

"I'm an actress who has been watching soaps since 1982. Soaps helped me decide to become an actress, and I've always dreamed of performing on one. Think of the major job losses because of this. I don't know how ratings are calculated, but do they count the many people who record the shows to watch them later? I'm still recording on VHS, which means my VCR will outlast 'OLTL'….. Guess it's time to stock up on DVDs and forget TV altogether."

"My initial reaction to canceling these two shows was sadness. Now I'm thinking, 'Great, now my TV will go off and I've added two hours to my day to do something else!' I guarantee I will not be watching the two shows that are replacing the soaps; we have enough reality shows. I have a feeling I'm not alone. Your viewership is going to go down drastically."

In response to Secret Agent Man's March 24 column, titled "If I Ruled the World" (about "legislation" banning one-person shows, to go into effect April 1), here's how a few readers reacted:

"It would seem that SAM has some of you in a hissy fit…. It's refreshing to hear someone actually say what's on his mind for a change instead of sugarcoating things…. [In response to a comment that Secret Agent Man's job as an agent is pointless] If you think you can find high-paying gigs on your own, then please by all means do so. Good luck finding the time to study the art of acting, though."

"This column is under the Advice category on a website that calls itself 'The Actor's Resource'? Bitter sarcasm and slandering performers who take the time and effort to create their own work? If this was intended as a humor piece, it seems deeply misguided. I hope John Leguizamo, Sarah Jones, and Anna Deavere Smith are never represented by you."
—solo performer

"Who pays this putz to write this crap?!"

And in response to our News Analysis headlined "In Left-Leaning Business, Conservative Actors Feel Marginalized" (headlined "When Right Is Wrong" when it ran in print on March 24), here are some reader reactions:

"Outstanding. Very much describes how Republicans are having to cower in fear for their jobs these days, like me. Is this what liberalism has come to? McCarthyism?"

"I saw myself in so many of these comments. The number of times I've had to just grit my teeth and remain silent in dressing rooms or backstage while everyone else in the cast rants about how evil and stupid Republicans are…. I love being a working actor, but the theater is literally the most intolerant environment I've ever experienced."
—Mr. R

"I have a Republican friend who is an actor and we agree to disagree. Personally, I do not understand how someone can call themselves a Republican and be pro-business and anti-union yet belong to several actors' unions. Many actors know they do not discuss sex and politics in the theater and on the set, to avoid divisiveness. I won't tell you who to vote for and you don't tell me who I can sleep with."

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