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Favorite Memory of Acting in Los Angeles?

What is your favorite memory of acting in Los Angeles?

"I did an episode of Alias in which I played a mob guy from an indeterminate European country. In the scene, Jennifer Garner is sitting poolside at a hotel wearing a bikini and dives into the pool and swims around a bit. She exits the pool, dries herself off, and lures me into a cabana, where I'm promptly attacked. She sits on top of me in her bikini while Michael Vartan sticks a needle with something or other into my neck. I did well in the role, and all I hear from my straight actor friends is, 'Why couldn't that have been me? What a waste.' "

—Michael Mastro, Manhattan

"Earning my Screen Actors Guild eligibility on the film Jack and the Beanstalk. Before then, I only had one SAG background voucher—two short of being eligible to join. I sat with a fellow actor and we talked about how hard it is to join the union. Within 15 minutes of being on set, a production assistant walked up and said, 'If you're nonunion, you're union now. The budget just changed and now every background actor has to be union.' We worked the next few days on SAG vouchers, and I got my card a few weeks later."

—Jay Diamond, Los Angeles

"I was working on the movie For the Love of the Game, with Kevin Costner, in which I played a flight attendant. He was a passenger on the plane and I was supposed to serve him a drink. Before the take, he was walking behind me down the aisle when suddenly he slapped me hard on the butt—right in front of everyone! A bit embarrassing and very funny. I don't know if it's my 'best' acting memory, but it's certainly one of my favorites."

—Jennifer Bailey, Los Angeles

"In November, I taped four episodes of Reno 911! as a recurring character, Carmen. Kerri Kenny and Thomas Lennon told me before the take that they loved my character and had been looking forward to working with me for a while. I was completely flattered and blown away. Then we did a scene where I talked about boobs, prescription meds, and killing people who dared to buy vacuums. I'm not sure if they liked me more or less after that. I guess I'll just keep driving by their houses until they're brave enough to tell me."

—Sarah Tiana, Los Angeles

"My first big audition after I moved here was at Warner Bros. I am psyched: guest star, drive-on pass, etc. Suddenly, this nostalgic, passionate, hyperspastic energy grabs me: 'This is it—this is why I came here.' I walk in, so prepared, and give a read big enough for a packed stadium of the visually and hearing-impaired. The casting director's skin looked as if she were skydiving. I kept thinking, 'Someone help me.' The CD was so cool. She stopped me, got me back on track, and it went great. I'm still grateful for that."

—Greg Thompson, Valley Village, Calif.

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