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First Person

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    Putting Yourself Out There

    "Recognize the event that's taking place," he said. "You're being impertinent in the face of the opportunity of your lifetime. I'm about to make you a star."

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    Turning on the Heat

    Secret societies and yacht clubs aside, Evan and I were both in the same city, in the same bar and—as it turned out—in the same business. "I'm a producer," he said shyly.

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    Groomed for Success

    Acting since childhood, Penny had played the daughter in a rather well-known television series. I looked up to her like a mentor. She'd gotten to live out the childhood I always wanted.

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    The Wrong Method

    Al Pacino once said an acting teacher can ruin an actor. It's one of the most delicate things to instruct, and there are so many hacks out there, you have to be very careful whom you hire.

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    A Bit of English in Times Square

    "Be careful what you wish for. It might come true!" my dad once said to six-year-old me when I mentioned my ambition to move to New York City and become an actress.

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    Me, the Porn King, and Improv for Beginners

    I grew up fairly sheltered, in a pleasant little tree-lined Pennsylvania suburb.  I was a sweet, stereotypically diligent student. So I never actually imagined I'd be working with people in porn.

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    El Pasado and Present

    But there's something else.  Yes, he's a beautiful man, but he has another quality that I'm starting to notice. He swims like no one's watching. Like he's the only one out there.

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    Commitment Issues

    It's risky to burn bridges, even when you know it's necessary. But I knew I had to follow my instincts. It was never that school I had chosen to commit to—it was acting.

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    Standing Up to My Nerves

    Once I began acting, I had an affinity toward comedic roles. But stand-up comedy? That remained in an entirely too frightening league of its own.

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    There's No Business Like... Paying to Meet Agents

    Someone thought it would be great if actors could meet agents and managers without having an "in"—a referral of some kind. Now, they are as commonplace as insurance commercials.