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McKenzie Westmore Continues Her Family’s Legacy With ‘Face Off’

McKenzie Westmore Continues Her Family’s Legacy With ‘Face Off’

Coming from a world of theater training in opera, ballet, and Shakespeare, I never imagined I would end up working in Soap Operas and Reality TV. However, I couldn’t be happier with this unexpected transition.

I’ve been acting since I was 3 years old when I played Robert De Niro’s daughter in “Raging Bull.” I had numerous guest starring roles throughout the years on everything from “Friends” to “Dexter.” Throughout that time I always ran back to the stage. My love of sonnets and arias kept my passion for the craft alive.

Low and behold, as I was ready to pack my bags and head off to the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, I got the call that changed my life. I booked a leading role on a new soap opera called “Passions.” I was 20 at the time and knew this was what I had to do. So I called the dean of CCM, who wholeheartedly supported my decision. I began this new path that I stayed on for nine years! After that run, I moved to New York and began working on “All my Children” for a brief time before heading back to L.A., where a new passion that had begun years ago started to take form. This time, it was a love of fitness and nutrition. You see, during my years on “Passions,” I was always asked, “How do you find time to stay healthy while working a full-time job and eventually a full-time job and motherhood?” I never wanted to simply quote a health magazine so I became a certified personal trainer.

As I arrived back in L.A., wanting to try a new path, I took that certification and began studying nutrition and working with a nutritionist and vitamin therapist. I loved learning this whole new world but of course as an actor, once you are bitten by that bug, well, you know the story!

I started searching again for what might be next. I began auditioning again and hitting the pavement when I got a call from my business manager about a new show all about special effects makeup. Curious to know more as this is my family’s history, I find out it’s a new competition reality show called “Face Off,” and they were looking for a host. For me this sounded so perfect!! One of my life dreams was to carry on the Westmore name in some capacity and what better way than this! I went in and read a few times and the next thing I know I’m on set with Glenn Hetrick doing our first Foundation Challenge together. I was so nervous to be hosting as for the most part, this was a whole new world for me but I very quickly fell in love with the whole genre!

Now I truly feel I am living a dream! I am enjoying a job that is so much fun, working with a network and production company (Mission Control) that are like family to me, and I am able to honor and carry on my family’s name and lineage in a way I could have only dreamt of!

“Face Off” airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on Syfy.

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