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Now Casting ‘Love Never Returns,’ and Other Upcoming Auditions

Now Casting ‘Love Never Returns,’ and Other Upcoming Auditions

“Love Never Returns” is a student film for New York Film Academy, which will begin shooting on Jan. 13, is seeking talent for three roles in New York.

Danny and Elizabeth are best friends and roommates. When Danny comes home late one night with a girl, Taylor, Elizabeth feels jealous, knowing that Danny has opened his mind and heart to Taylor. Soon, Elizabeth decides that she cannot be around him if he’s going to love someone else, so she decides to leave.

Elizabeth is thrilled the next day when she sees Danny looking for her, but hurt when Taylor persuades him to stop looking for her. In the end, Elizabeth decides it’s better to be near him as a friend, then not be near him at all.

For more details, check out the casting notice for “Love Never Returns” here, and be sure to check out the rest of our audition listings!


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