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How Would You Vote on SAG's TV-Film Contract?

"I was thrilled to vote ‘Yes!’ to the new SAG contracts for TV and film. Finally, a contract. This has been a long time coming. Hooray for our new negotiating team, new executive director, and newest board members for working this through. I pray that every member will see the light and vote yes so we can all get back to work."
—Andrea Lyman, Newton, Mass.

"You can vote yes on this deal if it’s okay with you that Warner Bros., Paramount, NBC Universal, ABC Disney, Sony, and MGM are all free to make Internet and made-for-new-media TV shows nonunion. Everyone knows that everything is shifting to new media at the expense of traditional media, so without jurisdiction, our losses in dollars will be huge."
—Martin Sheen, Los Angeles

"I voted yes because I think it is a smart contract for these hard economic times. Our business is not immune to the upheaval our world is going through. To have no contract for the last year has hurt actors. And this new contract repairs much of that damage. Increases across the board in a bad economy, the highest pension contributions in the industry…. It’s not only a smart deal, it’s a real deal—one we can put into action right now."
—Tom Hanks, Los Angeles

"This tentative agreement is unsatisfactory. It’s an attempt, really, to destroy the union by the AMPTP: No residuals for original product made for new media, no protections against forced endorsement, no residuals for pre-1971 movies and pre-1974 television shows aired over the Internet.... It is basically asking us to go out in the desert, lie on our backs with our hands and feet in the air, cover ourselves with maple syrup, and let the ants just devour us."
—Ed Harris, Los Angeles

Editor’s Note: Only one of our rank-and-file readers—Andrea Lyman of Newton, Mass.—chose to email us her thoughts on the Screen Actors Guild’s tentative TV-film agreement with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. The remaining quotes are from portions of the public statements from other card members.

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