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1 New Casting Company Actors Should Consider

1 New Casting Company Actors Should Consider
Photo Source: Nina Robinson

Anthony Pichette is heading up Sidecar Casting, the on-camera division of the New York–based audio and postproduction studio Sound Lounge, where he’s delivering quality talent (and even booze) to his clients.

What is Sidecar Casting?
Sound Lounge is an audio mixing company, and they hired me to open an on-camera division; it’s like [how] Coca-Cola owns Dasani water. We offer casting for anybody that anyone’s seen in any type of [medium], not just commercials—I’ve done webisodes, I’ve done industrials, I’ve done big commercial brands. I’ve even done really small movie vignettes.

What’s been your biggest challenge in starting a new casting company?
The attempt to use Sound Lounge as an asset but also to get people to see past the name and what it’s known for, to get people to know this place as more of a full-service company than how the name defines it. I’ll reach out to [clients to] say, “Hey, hello. Two months ago you knew me very well and I’m the same person, do the same thing, same experience—been doing this for almost 15 years—everything about me is the same, I’m just doing this for someone else.”

What should an actor auditioning for Sidecar never do?
Be negative. It’s amazing how quickly you can change things by just being positive about your situation, about yourself, and people can see that—clients, casting directors. You’ve got to accept who you are, whoever that is.

What else does Sidecar offers its clients?
We’re gonna do this Sidecar Friday thing where we go around to production companies and give them booze. I didn’t realize a sidecar was also a drink. It’s cognac, orange liqueur, and something else. I should probably know what’s in the drink, but it’s tasty! They put something good in there.

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