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Black Castle Productions Looks for the Next Big Thing

Black Castle Productions Looks for the Next Big Thing
Photo Source: Shiloh Strong

Producer Sabrina Cooper is dedicated to finding unknown talent for the films Black Castle produces, all budgeted at $5 million to $10 million.

Why is making films at this budget important?

There’s a huge gap right now. You have the indie world at $1 million to $2 million and under. And then $50 million is considered a big studio. And I think there needs to be a company or two that does our price range. If you see some of the films made in this range, they actually do better in making back their profit.

What changes about the movie at this particular budget?

You can pay people their actual rate. You definitely get better work when they’re getting paid what they’re worth. And you have a little more credit if you hit the $5 million to $10 million mark. People take you a little more seriously.

For your upcoming film “Phantasmagoria,” you’ll be holding an open call and looking for unknown actors. Do you intend to keep following that model in the future?

Definitely. We have three projects in the pipeline, but in all of those I see us using new talent. We have one in about five years that we will be looking for an entire Native cast, which hasn’t been done. But it’s a story about Natives that should be played by Natives, and we have no big stars out there that are young Natives. We’re hoping to find someone that will shine; I know they’re out there.  

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