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Actor/Author Fayrose Gordon on Relaxation Technique

Actor/Author Fayrose Gordon on Relaxation Technique
Photo Source: Courtesy the Gordon Family

Fayrose Gordon shot her first commercial in 1946 in Philadelphia, then moved to Los Angeles and launched a long career that included national spots for Carnation Instant Breakfast. Now, at 90, she’s written “The Great White Light,” which spells out her relaxation technique.

So you had the confidence to turn down legendary agent Charles H. Stern when he wanted to sign you?
He wanted to sign me to a three-year contract. I said, I don’t need you; I can get my own work. Then I decided, you know what, since I can get my own work, I’ll interview agents. Why should they interview me? This book I wrote is based on that. To have confidence, the number one thing you need to do is to relax your brain.

How do you do that?
Start by picturing a rainbow. Behind the rainbow is the untapped energy. The white light is behind the rainbow. Imagine the white light moves toward you. You can feel that warm and soothing light as you breathe it in. First you take it to the brain, and the brain says, “Body, relax.” Then the white light continues down to your stomach.

And that helps you with auditions?
When you’re sitting in the waiting room, you become critical of yourself. You get nervous; your stomach gets upset. In 60 seconds, you can bring this white light down and settle your stomach. In your cold reading, if you have this 60-second relaxation technique in your body, you wouldn’t be rushing the reading; you’ll do it in a very calm and relaxed manner.

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