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What Across the Board Talent Agency Looks For In New Talent

What Across the Board Talent Agency Looks For In New Talent
Photo Source: Shiloh Strong

Former actors Guy Kochlani and Todd Eskin nurture their clients’ talent across the genres at their SAG-AFTRA- and Equity-franchised Across the Board Talent Agency. 

What are you looking for in new talent?
Guy Kochlani: Commercially, it’s a great look. We look for both leading and characters, so if you have a good look and hopefully something on your résumé, you’re a good candidate.

Todd Eskin: There are plenty of people I’ve done workshops with and I’ll come back and go, “I just want them.” They’re seriously talented, I believe in them, I know this journey might be a little bit harder, but at the same time I think it’s worth it. 

Where do you normally find new talent?
Eskin: We do a lot of different things. We take submissions. I open every single envelope [and] every single email. 

What are some no-noes for actors?
Kochlani: Don’t read bad…. Be realistic with your age range.… Don’t come in here and tell me that you had a major role in “The Hangover” when you were just a featured extra. It makes you seem very unprofessional and desperate. You can definitely be creative, but please be honest about it.

Eskin: Don’t try to be something you’re not. Because let’s say you only have a bunch of independent stuff, but you’re truly talented. That doesn’t mean that we’re not going to sign you. Just be who you are. 

Kochlani: Don’t join SAG right away. You want to build your résumé a little bit because once you join SAG, you’re not able to do any nonunion work. Being SAG-eligible gives you some wiggle room because you’re good for a limited amount of time to actually be in both worlds. 

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