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A Drawer Full of Fingers / An Empty Chest

DRAWER FULL OF FINGERS An athiest and a prostitute fall in love. When an atheist loses his wedding ring in the bed of a prostitute, his first concern is finding the ring -- disregarding the fact that his finger has also fallen off. While searching for the ring he finds his finger, and a drawer full of fingers! Including the finger of the Athiest's wife! The prostitute has been stealing them. The atheist wants to know why. --What value is there in the love of an athiest? The same as in the love of a prostitute I suppose.-- A comic-drama that explores the value of love and the insecurities that drive people away from their own desires. AN EMPTY CHEST While calmly winding his watch in bed next to his wife, who is calmly reading her romance novel, Ashford proclaims to Lorraine that he no longer loves her, has poisoned her tea, and would like to retrieve from her his heart -- which he gave to Lorraine many years ago -- because he's fallen in love with another woman and wishes to give it to her. Lorraine ignores him, asking him to be quiet while she reads. Ashford opens the chest at the end of the bed where the heart is supposed to have been kept, but the chest is empty! Not only has Lorraine lost her husbands heart, but she believes it may have been stolen by a thief! A fast-talking farce which explores the mundane pleasures of couplehood, and the games played to spice them up and reassure one another that there is still a great deal of love to giv

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