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An Adult Evening of Shel Silverstein

Meet the strange and unusual inhabitants of this show, There's Marianne who gets blackmailed when she drops off her laundry, A Father who gives his daughter a dead pony for her birthday, or did he? A pair of crazed hookers who are sugar sweet, an auction with a strange twist and lots more surprises along the way. Bizarre, Twisted and most of all side splittingly funny. Join us on this wild romp through the darker side of the beloved poet we all grew up with!

With Ensemble Cast Akia, Beverly Lauchner, David Anthony, David Hale, J. Malia Hawley, Jason Tyne, Kate Grimes, Kelly Markus, Nic Mevoli & Theo Ellis

Written By Shel Silverstein Directed By Dennis W. Gleason Assistant Directed By Courtney Hebert

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