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An Element Never Forgets

art! Funny! Original! Thought-Provoking! The Galileo Players debut their 7th original sketch comedy revue, An Element Never Forgets, on September 14th, 2002 at Victory Gardens Theater. In this all-original comedy show, the Galileo Players blend the brainy with the absurd as they continue to raise the intelligence of satirical sketch comedy. The veteran cast of this revue continues to bridge the gap between sketch comedy and classical theater by exploring different theatrical forms and structures including scenes, monologues, music, song and dance. Exploring the intelligence of man, the origins of life, myth and what we believe, this clever, fast-paced show will make you laugh and ponder life's peculiarities. An Element Never Forgets features the same talented ensemble that brought the acclaimed Unbearable Logic of Being to Victory Gardens in April: Christopher Day, Ronnie Feldman, Matt Hovde, Megan Kellie, and Jennifer Shepard. This is the Galileo Players 7th original production and 3rd at the Victory Gardens Theater. Inspired by the Italian physicist and astronomer Galileo Galilei, who was persecuted for his radical but true observations, the Galileo Players write and perform original theater about scientific, philosophical and intellectual themes. The admitted geeks and armchair philosophers are graduates of the Second City Conservatory and Improv Olympic Theatres and have been performing together since 1998. Most recently, the Galileo Players were featured at the 2002 Chicago Improv Festival and headlined Chicago Sketchfest 2002 where the organizing producer wrote, 'Out of the 33 sketch groups performing--the Galileo Players stood at the top.' They were the only sketch comedy group other than the Second City to be reviewed by the Jeff Committee in 2002. The success of their previous productions has not gone unnoticed. The Daily Herald points out, 'Chicago has a lot of comedy troupes. And most of them serve up a variation on the same old jokes about bad TV, failed relationships and whatever annoying celebrities are currently having problems. In this world, the Galileo Players stand out.' The Chicago Reader says, "The troupe approaches its heady material with a scientist's mind and a surgeon's hands, offering a delicate intellectual alternative to the brain-dead sketch comedy that's become commonplace among the lesser troupes in Chicago," and Lerner Publications says "I defy anyone not to laugh". An Element Never Forgets continues the Galileo Players tradition of finding unique ways to make people laugh and question what they believe. The Galileo Players: exploring the science of sketch comed

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