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Anatol VS.

dies & Gentleman, welcome to the main event. In this corner we have Anatol, weighing 165 lbs of dysfunction, manipulation and competitiveness. In the other corner, stand all the women who have gone through pain, misery and heartache from their opponent. Wait for the bell and come out swinging with humorous blows and witty repartee. ANATOL VS. is a new adaptation of Austrian playwright, Arthur Schnitzler's ANATOL, written in the late 1800's. This new take on Schnitzler's classic maintains the original structure of seven individual scenes, while juicing up the dialogue, still keeping its heart and soul in tact. The eternal battle of the sexes is here presented as a boxing match complete with ring girl and all. Portrayed in a timeless realm, the play employs various theatrical styles. While traditionally presented with seven different actresses, the new adaptation utilizes a single actress in all seven roles, empowering and universalizing the feminine. This production combines the old with the new, adding movement and pop culture love songs, while stylistically referencing playwrights such as Ibsen and Brech

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