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And Thats The Way It is (If Ya Think It So)

The Rising Sun Performance Company proudly presents "And That's The Way It Is" (If Ya Think It So)," based on a play by Luigi Pirandello Conceived & Directed by Jason Tyne Devised and Performed by: The RSP Ensemble "It's sort of a Scooby-Doo meets Alan Watts kind of story."

Story Synopsis: In this story Senator Agazzi and his family try to find the truth of the matter when a strange woman, Rita Frolla, moves in next door and her son-in-law, Dave David, starts working at his office. Is Dave David married to her daughter as she claims, or is Dave David's first wife dead and Rita Frolla is delusional as he claims? Is it possible that they could both be telling the truth even if their stories contradict? That's what we'll find out in "And That's the Way It Is (if ya' think so!)"

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