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Ben Franklin: Unplugged

sh Kornbluth returns to the Bay Area this October to kick off a nationwide tour with a new production of his popular monologue "Ben Franklin: Unplugged" at San Francisco's Magic Theatre October 17 through November 28, 2004. Tony Award-winning producer Jonathan Reinis, who has produced numerous shows in San Francisco, the Bay Area and beyond, is co-presenting the show with The Z Space Studio. The production was created in collaboration with director David Dower. "And I was shaving and wiping away the steam when all of a sudden I was struck with a realization: My god! I look like Ben Franklin!" says monologist Josh Kornbluth as he stares into the bathroom mirror in "Ben Franklin: Unplugged." And so begins a saga where Kornbluth careens between stories of his own childhood as the son of the first "UnAmericans" and the charged and tragic relationship between the "first American" Benjamin Franklin and his loyalist son, William. It's cosmic-historical autobiographical mystery and I am the historical detective," states Kornbluth who through exploring episodes that Benjamin Franklin left out of his autobiography connects to his own family and discovers some startling, new things about himself. According to the Village Voice, "Kornbluth uses the Franklin's" story to understand his own life, but he doesn't fall into the trap of subordinating history to his own neuroses: the glimpses of his family are touching and funny, but the emotional weight of the Franklin's saga remains foremost. He delivers his tale with great appeal, much humor and some nice round glasses

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