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Big Vagina Monologues and Unemployed

ckie Clarke and Paul Scheer (of sketch and Improv group Respecto Montalban) bring their hilarious solo shows, "Big Vagina Monologues" and "Unemployed" back to the UCB Theatre this Fall 2002! 2 shows for $7! "Big Vagina Monologues" A comedy about not fitting in. Written and performed by Jackie Clarke, Directed by Dannah Feinglass A Filipino mail-order stepmother. A masturbating parrot. An AK-47. Jackie Clarke (Respecto Montalban) invites you to experience her strange universe. A place where crapping your pants is accepted, if not required. Plus: the mystery of the big American vagina! Disturbo comedy dressed up like a pretty pink bunny. "Unemployed" One man, 3 months, no paycheck. Written and performed by Paul Scheer, Directed by David Berman The unemployment rate is at an all time high and it shows no sign of stopping, so let's face it you're going to get fired! But you can get a lot more done in your pajamas than you can in a suit. See how Paul Scheer (Respecto Montalban) made the most of his unemployment. So hit your snooze button--"hit it again" one more time. Welcome to the life of the unemploye

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