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Comedy Clubs and Cabarets That Feature Comedy 2003

Compiled and revised by B.L. Rice

The following list of comedy clubs also includes cabaret spaces that feature comedy. Note performance nights and/or special events. Certain spaces have open mic nights; others book only professional, self-contained acts. For those wishing to perform, check with that particular venue's booking manager. Performers should look at the club's shows to see what type of acts are featured (traditional stand-up, alternative, sketch, improv, etc.) rather than mailing at random. Ask the host of a show how to be booked. Many of the shows may be only renting the space, so the booking person may be at a different telephone number. If anyone wishes to be added to this list, write to B.L. Rice, Listings Editor, Back Stage, 770 Broadway, 4th fl., NYC 10003; email; or fax (646) 654-5742.

Listings marked with an asterisk (*) were correct as of May 2002. Members: To view the complete list, click here.

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