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Community Volunteerism Opportunities

The gifts are unwrapped, the champagne bottle is in the recycling bin, and it's time again to think about turning over a new leaf, making changes in ourselves and our communities. While Sept. 11 saw an outpouring of public interest in donating and volunteering, there are still plenty of organizations that need your time and talents. From daylong arts projects to programs through which you can form relationships that last years, there are programs to suit just about everyone. Whether you are assisting as a class reader at the Braille Institute, leading a theatre workshop for at-risk youth, or even just taking a new young friend to the theatre for the first time, volunteering is a great way to meet new people and share your gifts and passions with others.

The following is a list of organizations to contact if you are interested in volunteering. While many of these projects are related to theatre, this year Back Stage West decided to include a more diverse listing of organizations that could use a hand. Programs vary in terms of the time commitment and skill level that they require of volunteers. Some are even paid part-time positions. All are worthwhile ways to spend a bit of your time--and great things to have on your resume, as well. For those interested in simply starting out on a one-day project, visit Another helpful website is Volunteer Match can help match you with a particular community project in your area of interest. You can also search its website by zip code to find projects that are nearby.

For access to the listing on volunteer organizations Click Here

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