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Empire Gas

t in 1980 in a Long Island suburb, EMPIRE GAS examines the effects of misplaced fear and racism on a community reeling from the shock of the Iranian Hostage Crisis. John Arno, a Vietnam veteran, returns to his childhood home and takes a job at a local gas station - owned and operated by two Hindu brothers. Mistaken for Iranians the brothers suffer the brunt of the town's frustration and rage expressed through a series of violent acts of harassment. John helps the brothers erect an effigy of the Ayatollah in hopes of redirecting the towns hate. He then must decide whether to stand with the Indian brothers or side with the people with whom he's returned to make peace. EMPIRE GAS, a modern day Western that culminates in a show down, is a timely, compelling tale told with humor and compassion of one man's attempts to prevent a tragedy from befalling others, while seeking out his own personal redemptio

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