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Enter the Piso

ter the Piso: An Experimental, Immersive, and Semi-Scripted Theater/Sporting Event Set In A Post-Apocalyptic Dance Hall. Tickets: are $20. For information or tickets, please call Matt Yamashita at 323 620-4906, e-mail us at, or visit This is not a play. This is not an art gallery. This is not a rave. This is not the Renaissance Faire. This is not "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome". This is not a rousing game of Dungeons and Dragons. But put all of those together, and you may imagine something close to what you will see if you are brave enough, and lucky enough to "Enter the Piso." For one night only, you can walk into a disco future on the brink of destruction. Successive waves of disease, environmental catastrophe, and Bush presidencies have brought to an abrupt end the age of the hominid. Witness scattered vestiges of humanity boogie out a living by running a grad-night style carnival deep under the wet and acrid Earth. Tribe wars are fought not with fists and steel, but with funky fast-foot-steppin'. Watch warriors battle on the deadly dance floor, measuring in beats of four the bitter days 'til the return... of The Flowsen One. Wet Maynard is the brain child of Matt Yamashita, head writer of the sketch comedy group Piso Mojado - praised by the LA weekly for its "fresh and edgy comic sensibility". Other writing credits include "Sisters, Oregon" (2004, Lost Dog Productions) of which Backstage West raved "Chekhovian purists might have fits, but everyone else will howl with laughter", as well as the English adaptation of TokyoPop's hit manga "Lupin III". "Enter the Piso" reunites Yamashita with long time collaborator Minh Nguyen, an artist and producer fresh off the success of his New York performance series "Bloom". The large and talented cast includes such stalwarts as tv actor Nathan G Johnson, stage actor Arthur Milliken, and voice actor Stephanie Sheh, whose collective avalanche of accolades will be on display in the show's adjoining galler

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