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Facing The Calm

e Knightsbridge Theatre L.A. presents the world premier of FACING THE CALM, a new play by Jim Lunsford. It's a funny, moving exploration about what it truly means to be a family. Meet Jason Thalmedge. He doesn't ask for much, just a little financial security for himself and his boyfriend, Critter. So when Jason's uncaring father passes away, the couple and their eternally optimistic friend Joe travel to the Thalmedge family home in Northern California to collect Jason's inheritance. Sorting through the shambles that was once the family home, Jason encounters his hyper-efficient sister Sarah and her hyper-smart husband Brett. The long estranged siblings struggle to shed light on the past, pitching insults and accusations. The bystanders, including the old lesbian next door, are pulled into the tempest. But is the inheritance Jason recovers from his father's safety deposit box what he expected? Or is it something much different than he ever could have imagine

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