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Fragments of Ricky the Superhero: A Love Story

Fragments of Ricky is the story of the titular orphan, found one very dark and stormy night in a basket on a porch: dark, in danger, and "protected" only by his very overprotective and over encouraging adoptive parents, Ricky grew up to be an imaginative, strong, and deeply deeply lonely young man. Despite the best efforts of Mother and Father, Ricky becomes increasingly isolated, paranoid and afraid. "Is it true what they tell me? That I'm special? That I'm a super hero? Like John Elway?"

Enter Mickey, the local alienated girl behind the ice cream counter, the only girl that can give and receive his true love. Girlfriend. And enter Fred, friend, mentor, lurker in the shadows, manipulator, arch nemesis and the tool of all of our destruction. With the aid (or is it taunting?) of a chorus of super heroes past, Ricky must save everyone from the end of the world. But how can a scared boy save the world for hope and love, when he still doesn't know what those words really mean? Fragments of Ricky is the hilarious and emotionally wrenching story of a young man's discovery of his own power and in that discovery, that the only hope for the world is hope.

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