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God is a DJ

A sharp satire on reality television, God is a DJ is a glimpse into the soulless lives of a couple -- a former TV presenter and a DJ -- who have turned their lives into spectacle and, for $2000 a session, perform their lives into a live camera for the entertainment of the internet public. Using eight video cameras, cell phones and a live internet feed, God is a DJ riffs on reality TV, youth culture and virtual reality in its encompassing critique of mass media's influence on contemporary relationships. Original mixes of trance, bip-hop and electronica play a narrative role.

Originally produced in Mainz, Germany, God is a DJ has been translated into 15 languages and staged in centers including London, Amsterdam, Zurich, Athens, Copenhagen and Barcelona. Theater Faction's production will be the American premiere in a new translation specifically designed for an American audience. Tickets available through

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