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Danse Macabre Theatrics & Horse Trade Theater Group Present:


--A Cosmically Comic White Trash Musical

--Revamped Book, Music & Lyrics by TRAV S.D.

--Designed & Directed by FRANK CWIKLIK

--Musical Direction by ADAM SWIDERSKI


A sinister, darkly comic cornpone musical extravaganza featuring original songs and vaudevillian lunacy, "House of Trash" both explores and destroys every cliche you've ever heard about rural Americana---deftly satirizing and

sympathetically humanizing the kind of people most New Yorkers would run screaming from.

"House of Trash" features 8 musical numbers ranging from Vaudevillian to Country & Western to tender ballads. Thought-provoking, hysterically funny, disturbing, alarming and moving---it's not like anything you've seen before;

and if you think you have, you haven't seen it like this.

MEET THE MAGGOT CLAN: Stereotypes? Lowlifes? Lost? Insane?

---PREACHER BOB MAGGOT--A garbageman by day who moonlights as a Baptist preacher by night, while trying to reconcile the demands of God with the longings of the flesh.

---TOBY--Sixteen, bitter, angry, confused; lost in a world that doesn't understand him and in love with a married woman at the end of her rope.

---PUBERT--A glue-sniffing malcontent who sleeps all day and ruts all night with ANGEL, the gothic psychotic alien abductee.

---MAMA--TV junkie, food glutton; convinced the world is full of ghosts and piss.

---HAYSEED--A goat-lover and mental deficient more concerned with his obsessions than his family.

---Plus a cast of supporting characters including CLAUDE, the world's first truck-driving gorilla sidekick.

DMTheatrics' production of "House of Trash" features a NEWLY REVAMPED BOOK, MUSIC & LYRICS by Trav S.D. (founder of the American Vaudeville Theater, whose work has been published internationally). Directed by Frank Cwiklik,

hailed by The Village Voice, & Back Stage as one of the most important young directors on the NYC theatre scene.

"A rowdy, raucous, profane cartoon of a show with the blessed ring of truth simmering just beneath the surface.", Aug. 2000

"More fun than a Jerry Springer marathon. . .a grab bag of sharp socio-political musings and chicken-fried melodies, with Coors Lite references to boot.", Feb. 2000

--Starring: Jonatha Bates, Dan Maccarone, Josh Mertz, Roger Nasser, Joe Popp, Michele Schlossberg, Moira Stone & Adam Swiderski.

--Featuring the music of THE MAGGOT FAMILY RAMBLERS---Peter Herman, Guitar / Bernie Li, Guitar / Greg Solomon, Bass

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