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Little Red Riding Hood

Everyone's favorite hooded heroine enters a fantastical world with a fresh, new colorful array of characters that come to life. (flowers, wolf, squirrel, trees, birds and more!) This bilingual (performed in Spanish & English simultaneously) musical-play, directed & written by Manuel Antonio Moran, tells this familiar story, but with a comical twist. Little Red does not believe that the wolf is a wolf. Neither the wolf's sly trickery, nor true confessions convince Little Red otherwise.

This confusion leads the wolf to question his own identity, role or even if he is in the right story. This comical turn of events leads audiences on a magical journey full of dance, song, and of course, music by Ivan Alexander Bautista. This show includes some of the best work of famed Puerto Rican puppeteer, Jose Lopez (winner of the UNIMA Citation of Excellence Award, the"Tony" of Puppetry).

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