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Murder Times Three

original plays written by Ian MacMillan The "Actor's Group Theater" is the performance arm of The Playwrights and Actors Lab and Studio or P.A.L.S for short. The Lab was conceived in the discipline of the theater labs of the late Avant Garde Off Broadway scene of the 60's in New York and is an attempt to create anew a safe place of excellence for writers to explore and polish individual works with the help of actors.. The Actors Group Theater began about six years ago as an acting class that met twice a week. All members had previous training and were looking for a teacher of a 'higher caliber' which is when we, one by one, found Mr. Ian MacMillan. Ian has had a very impressive and interesting 45 year career in the entertainment business. He is an award winning playwright and was the youngest student ever accepted into the class of Sandy Meisner and is a renowned playwriting teacher as well.PALS and the Actors Group Theater is based out of The Playhouse on Main in Nyack, NY, but has also produced and performed in Rhinebeck, NY and Manhattan. Aside from the well-known classic and contemporary plays, we frequently perform original works of the playwrights in the aforementioned Writing Lab. The Actors Group Theater is a very dedicated and hard-working mix of people from various backgrounds. We have gone unnoticed for far too long and feel we are deserving of recognition from the community as one of the premiere acting companies in the area. With a little help, we are hoping to spread the wor

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