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Namesake Festival... Who Do You Think You Are?

Each person's own doppelganger or double being, lives directly behind or within him or her. Some say it can't be seen; some say it shows itself, causing mischief. Still others fear the sight of one's own doppelganger signals impending doom. It is perhaps, a side to a person that remains hidden, squelched or undiscovered, until the proper circumstances arise. Doppelgang Productions enters its 2nd Season with the Namesake Festival, an exciting collection of 13 original short plays, each exploring on some level the theme of this mysterious creature from German mythology.

SERIES A: 7pm on October 15th, 17th, 23th, 25th and 26th; 4 pm on Saturday, October 19th

Doppelgangers, a Poem By Dori Appel Directed by Ian Marshall

With Sage Logan Really? By Malachy Walsh Directed by Jaclyn Loewenstein With Nikki Alikakos and Carrie Ellman

What I Knew Then By Christopher DePaola Co-Directed by Christopher DePaola and Rebecca Lupardo With Frank Perozo and Michael Tomlinson*

Hermes' Mother: A Masque By Philip Cuomo Directed by Susan Estes With Philip Cuomo*, Susan Estes and Maureen Porter*

Howard By Mark Harvey Levine Directed by Jeremy Slaugenwhite, Assistant Directed by Justin Eiland With Richard Brundage, David L. Carson* and Jef Cozza

Talk To Me By Judy Klass Directed by Jeffrey Sanzel With Varick Boyd and Stephane Penn Bridesmaid By Clay McLeod

Chapman Directed by Ian Marshall With Yvonne Roen Monkeyshines By Dori Appel Directed by Cris Buchner With Lee Eypper, Diane Michelle Gonzales, Gerard Nazarian* and Troy Rohne

SERIES B: 7pm on October 16th, 18th, 19th, 22nd and 24th; 4 pm on Saturday October 26th

Doppelgangers, a Poem By Dori Appel Directed by Ian Marshall With Sage Logan

Doppelganger By Simon Heath Directed by Natalia de Campos With Amy Ellenberger, Culley Johnson, Coco Medvitz*, Eddy Nelson Rivera and Seth Wachtell

Spoilt Milk By Judeth Oden Directed by John Hurley With Heather Grayson*, Jayson Spence and Joe Whelski

The Humonculus By Stacie Dugan Vourakis Directed by George Bennett With Janaki* and Mary Workman*

A Man With a Limp By Victoria Libertore Directed by Clarinda Mac Low With Jason Eiland and Rebecca Lupardo

Not I By Ted LoRusso Directed by C'Dub With Wade Bowen and Richard Ezra Zekaria

Have You Met My Brother? By Christopher Buckley Directed by Emanuel 'Manny' Bocchieri With DeBanne Brown, Tom Knutson, Keri Meoni, Matt Steinberg and Gabriel Vaughan

*Indicates Member Actor's Equity

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