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Not a Nice Girl

A mature woman in a stable, long-term marriage confronts her desire to revitalize her predictable sex life with a super-charged extra-marital affair. The predicament forces her to examine her ideas about love.

With spirit and intelligence, she courageously evaluates the rules of play in her marriage, challenges her assumptions about fidelity, and ultimately forges a new vision of herself as a married woman. But how will this affect her husband? And what will it mean to the attractive man offering to renew her sexual passion?

Entertaining and thought-provoking, Cheryl King's "not a nice girl" boldly explores what women really want.

Written and performed by Cheryl King

Directed by Rod Menzies

"Cheryl left the audience breathless, cheering for more." The Door

"King's characters are boldly personified" LA Weekly

"an edgy romp" Chicago Herald Tribune

Invited Dress Rehearsal Fri, Feb 21 @ 8 pm

Previews Sat, Feb 22 @ 8 pm Sun, Feb 23 @ 5 pm, Mon, Feb 24 & Thu Feb 27 @ 8 pm Opening Friday Feb 28 @ 8 pm

Continuing Mon, Thu, Fri, Sat @ 8 pm Sun @ 5 pm, Feb 28 - Mar 16

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