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A tale of murder and family, revenge and justice, Oresteia is a pertinent exploration of the cycle of violence we see today. One of the only existing ancient Greek trilogies, it tells the story of the father (Agamemnon) who kills his daughter (Iphigenia), the wife and mother (Clytemnestra) who kills her husband (Agamemnon), and the son (Orestes) who exacts vengeance on his mother. Set in a courtroom, this new version of the ancient trilogy movingly illustrates the events that lead to Orestes's acquittal for Clytemnestra's murder. Oresteia traverses moral codes and legal verdicts, explores the brutality of revenge, and in the end brings order to the chaos.

With the aid of live musicians, enticing movement, and a provocative new script, Oresteia is a delight for the senses and a must-see for audiences.

One Year Lease is a theatre company dedicated to working with classic texts both in the United States and abroad to discover the point at which the theatrical event transcends cultural and linguistic differences. After premiering Oresteia in New York, One Year Lease will take the show to Athens, Greece and Milan, Italy in September 2002.

Directed by Ianthe Demos and with original music composed by Stephen Ahearn and Tom Bencivengo, Oresteia features Alexa Alemanni, Jose Armando, Ariane Barbanell, Damien Carney, Paige Handler, Ellen Haynes, Timothy Fannon, Justin Fayne, Jacqueline Kristel, Nick Malone, Meghan Maguire, Tella Storey, Liz Vacco, and Patrick Wang.

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