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Right Lies

todays hotly charged political climate, politicians are distrusted for many reasons. Some for broken promises. Some for infidelity. Some for back-room dealings. And a very few because we sense that beneath the grinning, the handshaking and the baby-kissing lie only a terrifying emptiness and a raw hunger for power. Of course, these are also the reasons politics fascinates us. Its the one arena where our public and private selves meet the final battleground of philosophy and passion, where who we want to be clashes with who we are. Right Lies is a drama in three acts. Chris Arthur is a young, handsome, credible candidate for governor of California. His handler, Alec Samuels, creates a brilliant and deceitful campaign that takes them both to Sacramento. The next stop is the White House -- but their presidential bid is threatened by Virginia Kessler. Once Alec's fiance, now Chris's wife, Virginia glimpses the appalling truth behind the manipulations that have engineered her marriage -- and that now threaten the country, she decides to act--no matter what the consequence

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