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Written & Performed by Michael Phillip Edwards

Directed by Kimberly Elise "Runt" is a hero's journey! "Being a runt has nothing to do with talent, skill, or size, it's about how much fear an animal allows to live within itself," explains Edwards. At the center of the play is Edwards's father, a tyrannical "top dog" who brutally yet tragically contrives, consciously and subconsciously, to make a "runt" out of everyone else. From Edwards's early years on a farm in Jamaica to his own recent fatherhood, he contends with this overwhelming presence in his anti-hero's journey to transform himself from a runt into a man. The play seethes with anger and compassion; its language is like a machine gun barrage of pure poetry; "its sincerity, heartfelt emotion, and sensitive, raw intelligence provoke laughter, tears, and thought in abundance." (Scotsman Review)

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