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Shakespeare In The Park(ing) Lot Presents...Twelfth Night

akespeare in the Park(ing) Lot kicks off its eighth season with Twelfth Night. Spend an evening in Olivia's parking lot on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, delight in the antics and the woes of these 'too cool for school' characters. The evening is a rare cocktail of yearning, mischief, and regret served straight up with a Gen X twist. It starts with a wreck at sea and funniness ensues. A woman disguised as a man helps a hipster Duke indulge his fancies and his passion as he woos the woman he loves in vain. Thrown into the fray are drunken rudesbies, an uptight killjoy, an out of work dot-comer, and a singing fool completes the evening's adventures. Bring what you will but be sure not to miss this Twelfth Night-done parking lot styl

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