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Every day actors and other artists arrive in Los Angeles, lured by the prospect of employment in film and television. And every day, it seems, another of these folks discovers one of Southern California's best-kept secrets: its thriving year-round theatre scene, which regularly mounts more annual productions than any other city in the world. It's a strong and growing community, and increasingly it's also becoming a bona fide local industry, with growing audiences and numbers of union contracts.

We at Back Stage West have been tracking this upward trend eagerly since the paper's inception in 1993--and doing our small part to support it with this annual Theatre Guide, an indispensable listing of theatres, companies, and production services for theatre professionals, from playwrights to designers to composers to actors.

We hope you find this year's edition, with listings compiled by Cassie Carpenter and John Carey, useful. Again we relied on the sage advice of Theatre LA's Dan Harper. And thanks to Kathi O'Donohue for lending us the blueprint on this section's cover (it's Cynthia Shiley's design plot for LATC's Theatre 1). If you see anything missing or messed up in these listings, please let us know so we can get it right next time. And keep us posted about moves, closures, hires, fires--and, of course, your opening nights.

See you at the theatre -- Rob Kendt


R: Theatre is available for rent.

R-VA: Rental with variable availablity.

H&R: Headshots and resumes accepted.

M: Accepts manuscripts. Include self-addressed, stamped envelope.

W: Workshops or classes offered.

D: Charges dues.


COMPANY: Theatre maintains an active company of actors and generally casts from the company members.

OPEN: Theatre casts each show on an open casting policy.

LIMITED: Theatre casts on an open policy under limited or special circumstances; usually when a part cannot be cast from existing company members.

CLOSED: Casts shows from company only.


The following sets of listings comprise theatre venues and producing companies; often these are one and the same and are listed as such. Producing companies not exclusively associated with any particular venue are listed in the "Independent Theatre Companies" listing on page XIII.

Affiliated companies are listed in parentheses.

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