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The Bang and the Clatter

ly (excellently and fetchingly played by Alison Robertson), a Julia Roberts-like famed actress, is just finishing up a film in Raleigh, North Carolina. Housed in that city is Kevin (James Castle Stevens), a former child star, turned into a "pedigree", as in human dog, by his famous actress-mother and now trying hard to shake off that curse, by teaching at the local University. He's also married to Gillian (a strong, no-nonsense DJ Harner), also a professor at the and a famed Sci-fi writer to boot. The marriage is a happy one save for the fact that the couple has been having trouble getting pregnant. Ally, knowing Kevin is married, visits in an attempt to rekindle a budding relationship they almost had twelve years ago in L.A. In a clever first scene, when the world famous Ally comes calling, she's so gorgeous (and knows it!), compared to Gillian's homey intellectual look, we think, "no contest" Kevin's a goner! Then Ally learns that Gillian, who writes under her maiden name and apparently never appears pictorially on her book jackets, is a world famous author and one of Ally's favorites. Immediately, these two women, power-wise, stand on equal ground. Gillian senses the purpose of the visit quite a few beats before Ally offers to take her and Kevin to dinner to celebrate their sixth anniversary. An emotionally sensible person would have backed off and let the couple celebrate in private, but Ally, used to getting whatever she wants when she wants it, the reward for fame, says "pick a restaurant and let's go". Kevin and Gillian can't refuse.

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