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The New Testament--Story of Paul the Apostle

In it's third successful run, "The New Testament" is a modern day version of the life of Paul aka Saul of Tarsuras, from the bible (Acts 12-Phielmon). In this version, Saul a troubled gangster, drug kingpin from the Bronx has only one desire in life - to get rid of every Christian in sight! Saul always hated God due to the fact that his mother, a christian and a drug addict, abanoned him causing Saul to live in one foster home after another. But it all stopped when he joined a gang called "The Croniks", making him the most feared and notorious gangster around. During his reign of terror, Saul is struck blind by God-telling him to stop killing his people and to give his life to christ, then and only then will he recieve his sight back. He turns himself to the authorities, gave his life to christ, and everything came to pass-just as God said. From that moment on, now calling himself Paul, he preached the gospel to those wiling to listen while serving his time on Death Row.

The rest is for you to see. This play pulls no punches in expressing the true love of Christ for all mankind. It's not a musical and its not too preachy-making it appealing to teenagers. It shows that there is a God who loves everyone and we, as human beings, make our own choices to be held accountable for them.

This play was written, produced and directed by actor Damian Bailey (All My Children, 100 Centre Street).

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