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The Tinklepack Patrol in the Curse of Count Morpheus

per McKenzie Presents The Tinklepack Patrol in The Curse of Count Morpheus is a play. It is a play inspired by the aesthetics and lore of old comic books and strips everything from Little Nemo in Slumberland to Weird Science. It is about a man named Pappy, who won't stop bugging his wife, Mammy, to fetch him a glass of warm milk. It is about a comic book shop owner whose pleas to the world to honor the sanctity of his chosen obsession fall on perpetually deaf ears. It is also about Abraham Lincoln but not your everyday, garden-variety Abraham Lincoln. What kind of Abraham Lincoln is he? You'll have to attend the show to find out. And oh yes: It is about The Tinklepack Patrol and The Curse of Count Morpheu

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