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Tom Soter's Sunday Night Improv

ter's show is a comedy jam, which mixes and matches improvisers from a variety of New York City groups. Cast members (most of whom are moonlighters with daytime careers) are all current performers or alumni of such groups as the venerable Chicago City Limits, The Chainsaw Boys, Some Assembly Required, The N.Y. Improv Squad, The Pollyannas, The Heartless Floozies, KaBaam!, The Next Big Broadway Musical, The Improvoholics, Wingnuts, and the ground breaking First Amendment. In addition to improvised skits, playlets, and games, each performance includes a number of improvised musical segments, including the popular 'Can You Sing This?,' a series of original, composed on the spot songs with audience concocted titles and audience determined styles (rap, operetta, folk, blues, tango, etc.). Live improvised piano accompaniment supports, abets, and guides the performer

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